Finally there is potential cure for corona virus

Finally there is potential cure for corona virus

Sorrento Therapeutics a San Diego-based biotechnology company says it’s found an antibody that can stop the coronavirus from infecting human cells. The Scientists said that the antibody can neutralize 100% of the virus in a lab setting.

According to Mark Brunswick, the head of regulatory affairs for the company, says this antibody could lead to a cure.

“Our drug has been shown at least in vitro to neutralize 100% of the virus at least in culture. If that works out in patients, they have no infectious virus left,” Brunswick said.

Sorrento Therapeutics isn’t the first to find neutralizing antibodies, but according to Brunswick this one is the first to be 100% effective.

“If you’ve neutralized 100% there’s no reason scientifically to not expect that in man. We would not expect any adverse effects with this drug, because our antibody only binds with the virus, not with any other naturally occurring structure in a person,” Brunswick said.

It would be premature to proclaim anything as a cure for coronavirus. It’s going to be on incremental steps. And each one of these strategies will add to what will be ultimately something that’s potentially curative.

However, the company hasn’t tested the therapy in animal or human clinical trials yet. The research also isn’t peer-reviewed. So while it’s promising, more data is needed.