The New Order For Churches To Reopen By CAN

The New Order For Churches To Reopen By CAN

The Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN) has brought out guide line on how churches will Reopen in order to reduce the spread of Coronavirus within the nation.
CAN said that all churches will disinfect their premises first before they are re-opened for services.

Churches will provide alcoholic based sanitisers, temperature readers, soap and water in their premises to be supervised by medical professionals in the church.

Every worshipper must either use soap to wash their hands or apply sanitisers.

The temperature of every worshipper must be taken before admission into the church and people with the high temperature will not be allowed into the church but be advised to go and see their doctors. Every worshipper must wear facemask.

Worship leaders shall be made to wear hand cloves if they are to handle equipment such as the microphone.

Worship leaders shall put on face mask to cover their mouth and nose when they speak through the microphone.

According to CAN Worshippers shall be required to avoid joining public transport, therefore, shall be enjoined to worship near home, within walking distance.

Worshippers who have to travel far to church will be enjoined to make use of personal means of transport.

Alternatively, churches would be enjoined to provide transport for members without means of transport in adherence to the social distancing rules.

Social distancing will be observed in the sitting arrangement with one-meter gap between two worshippers.

Every worship service shall not exceed one hour. There will be a gap of 25 or 30 minutes between one service and another where there are multiple services to avoid crowd.

Churches can make use of classrooms and multipurpose halls for services where available, especially in big churches to accommodate more worshippers at a go.

TV circuit and speakers can be used for those who are not inside the main auditorium.

Handshaking and hugging shall be avoided before, during and after the service. Churches observing Holy Communion service will use separate cups for each participant.

This order was released by the Leadership of CAN to the Kaduna State government.

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