They are easy to talk to. Theydon’t bully, threaten or intimidate people. They don’t get defensive, lash out in anger or clam up creating uncomfortable silences.

2. They are secure. They don’t need constant assurance. They don’t manipulate people emotionally, sexually or financially to get the assurance they crave.

3. They get help when they need it. They are not too proud to admit they don’t know what to do in a situation or ask for help. They are teachable and wisdom is eagerly sought from those with more experience about their situation.

4. They respect themselves. They value their God-given abilities, body, personality and make up. They do not harm themselves, damage their bodies or try to escape from themselves through alcohol, drugs or other mind-altering substances. They have learned to love the way God has made them.

5. They respect others. They don’t demand you become like them, but appreciate your uniqueness and celebrate it. They are happy when you do better than them. They encourage and cheer you on, and take appropriate pleasure in the privilege of being your friend or partner.

6. They are open. They are not a closed book, hard to understand or emotionally detached from those closest to them. They are open and honest about their mistakes, the lessons they have learned from them, and happy to help others not make the same ones.

7. They are balanced. They avoid emotional, spiritual and physical extremes because they have learned how to maintain an appropriate friends-family-work-leisure-church-private life balance.

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