Nigerian man ‘advises’ men not to ever relocate with their wife to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France and Holland- as they give women too much power –

Nigerian man ‘advises’ men not to ever relocate with their wife to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France and Holland- as they give women too much power –

Julius Bokuru, a Nigerian man who hails from Bayelsa state, has advised his male counterparts against moving with their wives to Western countries.

According to him, countries like the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, France, and Holland, give women excessive power, which they tend to abuse.

Posting on Facebook, Julius wrote,

“Don’t ever relocate with your wife to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France and Holland. You go explain tire. They give women two much power and a woman will always abuse power.”

Julius Bokuru
Don't ever relocate with your wife to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France and Holland. They give women too much power” – Nigerian man ‘advises’ men

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Same thing i have been saying but cunt intoxicated men will never listen

Anonymous user 1

They’re still people who are married from Africa that have live peacefully in those countries for over 40years. How did they manage to achieve that? It’s because they agree to respect themselves and live out the essence of marriage. Marriage is not a war, it is just hardwork done together in love to raise future generations. Those who live at peace here but go there to separate, their senses have been used. I wish people would understand the essence of marriage. It is not sex, beauty or enjoyment. It’s hard work done with Love, endurance and peace. No gain in violence, life is only but once.

Anonymous user 2

They give women too much power or they accord women the rights owed to them that your country fails to accord them?Anyways the person who typed this post is probably not intelligent enough to comprehend this.

Anonymous user 3

Am a lawyer who live in america. They don’t give women “too much power”. Na mostly immigrant and men when no know themselves they allow women play them for abroad. As for the countries you just mention, there is no where in their law or constitution that says women has more power or right over men. If there is any, pls show me. Imagine a man buying a house with his wife name, just bcos his own credit is bad. When there is wahala burst it becomes a problem to retrieve and you blame the country for it? Yes just like children, women and other vulnerable groups have protection from abuse, but it doesn’t mean if they the women abuse you they won’t go in for it. So know yourself, know the law.

Anonymous user 4

Actually they don’t give women more powers than men. It’s just that oyibo people allow people to live foolish lives. No thanks their social services and NGOs that want to remain relevant. Black women tend to exploit this opportunity more than men. For example, if the man chooses to fool around while the woman works and the man claims abuse, the government will still listen to him. The issue is that men easily let go. On the other hand, women can drag men at any slightest opportunity even in Nigeria.

Anonymous user 5

This is TRUE!… not all women thought will abuse that power to the same extent… BUT ALL (100%) women will abuse it to an extent!… women are not mentally designed by God/Nature to handle the power they are given in these countries!… citizens of those countries (men and women) may have grown into that culture… hence, the way they react or live with some policies is different from the way others, especially African men and women will react to it!… if you EVER go to these countries together as a couple, GO AND LIVE THERE WITH YOUR CULTURE!!!… that is the only way to enjoy there!… however, women are REBELLIOUS in nature!… give them a little power and see their rebellious nature manifest to the FULLEST!… women are easily influenced by the western culture than men…. women easily feel inferior when they are not doing what majority are doing!… women easily lose focus than men!… this is purely natural!… why do we have many women today into runs and hookup?… the environment influences a woman more than a man!… they want to wear wig like May, they want a Vuitton bag like Theresa, they want slay like Casandra…. they want to command their husband like Margaret… they want to divorce like Thatcher… they want this they want that…. I DO NOT ADVISE ANY MAN TO RELOCATE to western countries their his wife, is he still wants to maintain a family!… by African standard, which is closer to God’s standard, a family in western countries IS NOT a family!!… everybody in the family has a DANGEROUS AUTHORITY given to them by the society!… you son may come back from school to say he is now a girl… your daughter may come back to say she is now a boy… your wife can wake up to throw you out from a house you bought with your money!… any society that removes the authority that God/Nature has given a man to exercise, control, and head a family CANNOT NEVER raise a NORMAL FAMILY!!… this is what is obtainable in western countries!… they are raising fanatics not family!… the western countries know that their family system is a mess!!… they are in a MESS family-wise!… they won’t tell you that!… as an African man, you cannot discharge any fatherly or husband role in a western countries… if you can, DON’T raise a family in a western country!… my candid advice!…

Anonymous user 6

You are right, our men let go easily and sucks it in. But most our women easily want to call police in the slightest provocation and that’s the end of the marriage. Bcos the duty of their police is to seperate the husband and wife to leave differently once there is claim of alleged violence, be it true or false. Bacause if they don’t do that, if one spouse kill the other, na yawa for their hand. Sadly their family system is mess and not something to emulate. That’s why the Indians and others maintain stable family when they go abroad, but our nigerias has no cultural identity, they want to be white morethan the white. They want to take advantage of the system. By the time they realize their error they are already single mothers looking for smaller boys to nack them.

Anonymous user 7

It’s simple; if you are autocratic and treat your wife like a slave (cheating, disrespect, domestic violence, emotional abuse etc), don’t go to the West with your wife but if you are kind, compassionate and treat your wife like a human being; a partner, you have nothing to fear. It is only toxic men that have reasons to worry…

Anonymous user 8

Why does female power worry you so much , if you’ve acted right it would be a plus to you to have an empowered woman .

Anonymous user 9

You have no sense or very limited one. He’s talking of the root cause of divorce, family breakdown abroad. You don’t know lots of our nigerian immigrant women abuse these priviflegd, end up destroying their family and later live to regret it when it’s too late? Let people speak jare

Anonymous user 10

So True. France is the worst, have lived in France for 22 years, and most of my friends are now all single mothers ??. You benefit more from the system when you are divorced and single. I am still married because I fear God and l love my hubby.

Anonymous user 11

God will bless you bro! Genesis 3:6 : “So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate,…” Interpretation: when the woman relocate and see how delightful sodom and Gomorrah is, then the serpent tells her give us your husband in return for the free food, house, multiple men, and do as you want? Surely a woman will be tempted even Eve the 1st woman on earth was tempted, so who be a wife?

Anonymous user 12

I couldn’t even relocate my wife to Dubai here when they were still issuing visas, talk more of Europe or America. Some men never learn from the experience of others. The daughters of Eve are not smiling. Your sanity, and even life will at stake when they taste real feminine freedom abroad.

Anonymous user 13

Particularly Nigerian and Ghanaian women, they hit the US ground slapping the husbands around. They populate the divorce couurts and proceedings more here. You never hear or see Indian or Asian women doing such nasty.

Anonymous user 14

Very, very true. Especially Ghanaian women. Many people do not know most tribes in Ghana are MATRILINEAL. This means when a woman gives birth, even in her husband’s house, the child is born to the woman and her extended family and NOT the man, as it obtains with nearly all tribes in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa. That’s why it was “cool” for many Ghanaians to embrace Jerry Rawlings as their leader for many, many years, even though his father was a white man from Scotland, while his mother was a black, Ghanaian woman. Imagine such a woman from Ghana getting to the US and fraternizing with your Nigerian wife, especially as close friends! That was what happened to me here in the US. By the time I knew what was going on, after about 14 years of their friendship here, this woman from Ghana had even developed a bisexual / sexual relationship with my Muslim, Asalatu-going wife, along with many other females in their “circle of female friends”, mostly from Ghana, Liberia, etc.! Believe it!! I know I couldn’t when I eventually found out, just prior to my divorce from my wife here in the US. Years after the divorce I still know the very negative relationship I have with my ex-wife (she has done her best since our divorce here close to 10 years ago to turn our children against me, especially the eldest who I also know now indulges in bisexual relationships like her mother) continues to be “engineered” by her hardened female friends here in the US, many of them BISEXUAL, even as they live with their male husbands. All because America and a woman from MATRILINEAL (essentially allowing them to create and develop attitudes like men) Ghana created the enabling environment and impetus.

Anonymous user 15

‘Too much power’ make it sound like it’s ultimately beneficial to women, but in actual fact, they deceive women and put them on a sure footing to longterm sadness

Anonymous user 16

You nailed it. They deceive them and break up the family. The kids are then raised without father, join gang and end up in white man’s jail. Their goal is to weaken black male population, then the women will be easy to control. Just put them on food stamps, little extra pay for being single mother and the foolish ones will be happy

Anonymous user 17

Why don’t you want your wife to have powerMy father relocated my mother and the kids and all are doing well in life. Why are you threatened by a thriving wife

Anonymous user 18

Just because your story is different doesn’t make others false. What most (the emphases is on MOST) which, by the way, is the majority is that there is a systematic deliberate effort to destroy African families. Once the home is destroyed, the children are likely to be. And it becomes a vicious cycle. I am currently counseling a friend who is handling a divorce in Maryland,US .It is pathetic.

Anonymous user 19

See this fool, do you think those places are where weak men abuse their wives?If you are good to your wife, you can take her anywhere, except na olosho you go marry, then na your fault be that.

Anonymous user 20

Oh, so you want to be able to abuse your wife abi? The treatment men mesh out to women daily, they cannot take. Do you not have a mother, sisters, aunties and nieces? Na wa.

Anonymous user 21

Well. You may have a point, but myself and thousands that I know who left Nigeria with our wives…we deal with everyday challenges in marriage and are still sticking together happily after many years in the west. Yes, many wives relocated and utilized the advantage of the ‘power’ and attention given to women to destroy their marriages and homes. However, most of such marriages would not really have thrived in Nigeria anyways – except where only the man provides and women have no choices. One great underlying factor/issue is the man….yes WE. Most of us carry that mentality that put women in a subdued situation – all the way from Nigeria – and refuse to upgrade our outlooks. We have that mentality and yes, Nigeria takes it without issues, but the western life you moved over to does not look at it that way. A lot of times, the friction is that the man wants to treat his wife like he would in a Nigerian society. Sorry. You relocate, you adjust your way of life and thought process to suit your new country. All the guys who understand that moving to America or the west means adjusting the way you treat your marriage and life hardly have issues that lead to divorce – except where gross and repeated infidelity is involved. My take.

Anonymous user 22

what happens to couple goals, you go abroad to lazy and let the lady only work, then u feel entitled to her moni with bad character and command, like she is ur slave….uncle, if she be ur sister wetin u suppose do! go abroad and love your woman the more and also ur children, dont be a jack ass wen in the abroad

Anonymous user 23

Shut the fuck up.. she is your wife not slave… This is 2023 not 1900… The fact that you are not taking her along with you to UK does not mean she cannot go to UK, unless you married a girl who stays wherever you keep her or has no fund..Are you telling me that if your wife has a job in UK, or US, you will not allow her to go there cos of power given to women? You are a joker

Anonymous user 24

Absolutely. I married one girl from Awkuzu, Anambra State. Cut a long story very short I brought her over to the UK, I was born here you see, the probationary period then was 3 years before she could get a UK passport. The stupid girl behaved throughout this period the moment I handed her UK passport to her she started fucking up. Eventually we were divorced. One hungry doctor girl I recently met wanted to pull the same stunt I didn’t even bring that one here, just blocked her. Nigerian women are too damn hungry.

Anonymous user 25

Nigerian women….Nigerian women. Bro….why is it that it is always only the women? You mean that you have no issues of your own that may have contributed to your situation with being not marry-able?

Anonymous user 26

Why go to awkuzu, when we have single ladies around,Let me tell you men a secret. If your wife is from a comfortable family, and has a good and lovely mom, she won’t misbehave when you bring her over. But if she is filled with family pressure, and has a terrible mom, who is Materialistic. You are finished.Avoid bringing village girls here and go for those who are exposed, well travelled, humble and also kind.And when you do, be opened with them. Tell her you don’t have a big mansion and let her your plans for the family and be kind to her. Don’t hide any secrets from her and also make sure you give her all the necessary information and support she needs.I did all these and I am happier with my wife here in the state. We support each other and help each other too, especially when it comes with the kids.

Anonymous user 27

Women will never do what’s not in their minds to do. Any woman that will divorce you will still do so either early to later in life when she gets what she wants. So it’s not an overseas problem. If you dey Niger sef dem to give you stroke to roll with while they get some other guy somewhere else. The day you respect women and what they can do is the day you know peace.

Anonymous user 28

I am in Europe and she has just arrived. Kids are in Naija. She’s a wife material and proved that over the years. But she’s replaceable and she’s aware I can act that way. I don’t pray for that but not afraid of that. Na me get am, no be Naija I marry her for. We die everyday as we celebrate our birthdays so you can’t reserve sex till your seventies. We should be ready for troubles in the real sense. Many guys here are afraid to do so. Good luck to me.

Anonymous user 29

Only an abuser and a woman beater that would want a woman he can subdue. If you don’t have low self esteem, you’ll have no need to be afraid of a strong woman.

Anonymous user 30

Women don’t have more power. Nigerian men migrate with high level of ignorance and nonchalant attitude towards the law. The law they complain about is that their women dare challenge them and they can’t defend themselves. I have been to court with Nigerian women and won. Go with evidence and facts

Anonymous user 31

But assuming, you have a grown daughter and she meets someone living abroad. Wouldn’t you want your daughter to relocate abroad to her husband??? Some men talk without brain ? you want good for yourself but you don’t want for good others.

Anonymous user 32

I understand the point this brother is trying to make, In the Western world don’t ever have issues with your wife because once the police are involved you will be the one to leave the house right or wrong. And will be paying for the rent especially when the children are there you need to drop money monthly for their upkeep. Some African women will not hesitate to send you packing and get these things even take over your properties. That is the power that women have in the West.

Anonymous user 33

Single mothers everywhere. People that never traveled nor experience it will be talking crazy here. If you like, don’t listen until you experience it. Most men in these western parts are struggling to keep their home. If you are a man and you believe in raising a home, you better listen up. Look at the first black peoples that migrated to these countries during slavery and see what they look like now, you ain’t no different. The natives too are crushed, Africa is the next target. Our culture and marital values are at stake. The women don’t even know that the jokes are on them too. They think the system loves them . They are turning most men into gays and turning the women into men and that’s how you destroy a people. God is watching

Anonymous user 34

The interesting thing about life is that if you determine to hold people down , you yourself are forced to stay with them while trying to hold them down. If you chose not to pursue opportunities other countries offer when you have a chance cos you don’t want your wife to grow ‘wings’ guess what – you yourself will go nowhere. Unless of course you want to leave her in naija to be romanced by others and your kids raised without a father. I literally know hundreds of naija couples – doctors, lawyers, accountants etc whose families are achieving amazing feats together but backward losers will never think to see what they are doing to achieve such results. Rather they are preoccupied with how to keep your woman down, thereby ensuring that both you and your family don’t progress.Anyway it’s like real life, majority are doomed to be failures or mediocres in the affairs of life. The wise ones seek out success, learn and replicate amazing results in their homes and family.

Anonymous user 35

Marriages are not lasting anymore, it’s not you or your wife. Purposely limiting the growth of a woman simply because you’re afraid to lose her is also limiting yourself in a way. Love and respect your wife as much as you want her to love and respect you. If she decides she wants to divorce let her go. You do not and can’t own a human being. Nigeria or America everyone will eventually eat breakfast.

Anonymous user 36