All hell broke loose today at state house of Assembly after Mukhtar Isa Hazo was impeached

The deputy speaker of Kaduna state house of assembly Mukhtar Isa Hazo, has been impeached.
He was impeached by 24 members of the Kaduna House of Assembly at Thursday’s plenary session when a vote of no confidence was passed on him.

The reason for Hazo’s removal is yet not clear but there are reports he was accused of inability to discharge his duties.

Hazo was elected in February alongside Yusuf Zailani, the speaker, following the resignation of some principal officers. So he has only been in office for less than four months.

However, there was a complete disorder and confusion inside Kaduna state house of Assembly immediately a new speaker was sworn in. As Hon. Liman Dahiru, the lawmaker representing Makera Constituency broke into the floor of the Assembly and seized the mace expressing his anger over the impeachment of Hazo.

Meanwhile before he could leave the complex, he was grabbed by the Sergeant at Arm while other members quickly rushed in to retrieve the mace from him and there was a chaos at the assembly, before Dahiru was dragged out.

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    Another fight again!

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